Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Excellent stays offered by resorts near Kanha National Park

resorts near Kanha National Park
Kanha National Park is a place where wildlife enthusiasts would love to be in during their vacation. It is located in the Satpura range of hills, and is spread over Balaghat and Mandla districts. In 1879, it was declared a reserve forest and then a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1933. Kanha was accorded the status of a National Park on 1st June, 1955. This wildlife reserve is largely popular for its tigers, but visitors would also come across many different species of wild animals while touring the region. A stay in Kanha also makes it possible for them to visit some places of interest located near the national park.
The greatest tourist attraction of Kanha is Bamni Dadar, which is a point from where visitors of the reserve can watch an amazing sunset. Besides the grazing deer and Indian bisons, tigers can be spotted roaming in the wild quite frequently. The best way to watch these animals in action is the wildlife tours conducted by park authorities using Jeeps. Accommodation in any of the resorts near Kanha National Park would give tourists the required convenience in getting to this wildlife sanctuary and enjoying the wildlife tours in its beautiful natural surroundings.
Resorts near this national park provide well-furnished rooms and suites for a comfortable stay of tourists. Dining in a multi-cuisine restaurant in Kanha is an experience that can be enjoyed only in such resorts while vacationing in the region. They are equipped with modern facilities like LCD television with satellite connection, an excellent room service, and generator backup in case of a power failure. Amenities like kids play area, landscaped garden, and taxi services for airport transfers can also be enjoyed by the guests in some of these resorts. The staff can also arrange excursions to the interesting places nearby on demand.

Enjoy wildlife tours with an accommodation in Kanha

accommodation in Kanha
Wildlife reserves created in different parts of India for conserving the endangered species of wild animals have provided great opportunities for eco-tourism. The authorities of these reserves also involve local communities in the wildlife-related projects. Among them is Kanha National Park, which is spread across Mandla and Balaghat districts of the Indian state, Madhya Pradesh. An accommodation in Kanha region would be of great convenience for wildlife enthusiasts as well as leisure tourists in exploring the numerous species of wild animals, trees, plants, birds, and reptiles of the national park.
Air travellers can get to Kanha National Park from Jabalpur Airport by hiring a taxi. Staff of the resorts, where they have booked their accommodation, would give directions on how to reach Kanha from the airport. For those who prefer trains, Jabalpur Junction would be the nearest railway station from where, they can reach this wildlife reserve. It is also connected to all the neighbouring towns and cities by an excellent network of roads. Having an accommodation in a room or suite of any of the resorts located close to the national park would also give them the chance to visit some other interesting places near Kanha.
Best way to explore the wildlife of Kanha National Park is by embarking on a wildlife safari. Such tours are conducted on Jeeps with the help of experienced nature guides. Some of the jungle resorts Kanha has in its surrounding areas make it easier for tourists to go on wildlife safaris. While touring the national park, they would come across the wild animals like spotted deer, leopards, wild boars, and langurs. Bird-watchers would be delighted to find a large variety of birds flying around in the woods. The amazing reptiles like rat snakes, cobras, vipers, pythons and grass snakes can also be spotted occasionally in this wildlife reserve.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Kanha A Mesmerising National Park in Madhya Pradesh

Kanha National Park
A national park that inspired the world-famous work of Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book, Kanha attracts large number of tourists every year and also houses one of India's tiger reserves. Tourists visiting this part of Madhya Pradesh can witness vast expanses of natural beauty and numerous species of wild animals. Popular resorts in Kanha offer tastefully designed rooms and suites that are well-equipped with latest facilities. Accommodation in such resorts not only provides tourists with comfortable stays, but also offers them great convenience in visiting Kanha and other famous attractions nearby. 
This national park has a significant number of leopards, Bengal tigers, Indian wild dogs, sloth bears, and deer. Besides wild animals, it is also home to numerous varieties of plants and trees. Different species of grass at some places add to the natural beauty of Kanha, and are essential to the survival of herbivorous animals. Aquatic plants growing in several water bodies of the national park are essential for the survival of resident and migratory birds.
Wildlife tours enable travellers to watch their favourite wild animals of Kanha in action. Air travellers can get to Kanha from Jabalpur Airport. Excellent connectivity by road and rail is also helpful for tourists in getting to Kanha from the neighbouring cities.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Celebrate a spectacular Xmas Vacation this year

Xmas Vacation this year
The festive season of Christmas is always awaited by people in most parts of the world. As India has a sizeable population of Christians, the festival is celebrated with great zest not only by them, but also by people belonging to other religions. Preparations for Christmas begin well in advance with many of the educational institutions declaring a week-long vacation. Government and private establishments are closed on the day of Christmas in India.

While planning a vacation around this time of the year, you can choose a unique location to celebrate Christmas with your entire family. Kanha National Park can be one of those unusual places to spend a Christmas vacation. Accommodation in United-21 Tiger’s Habitat, Kanha would not only provide you with a pleasant stay, but also help you to explore some of the most fabulous species of wild animals in the national park.

Staff of United-21 would be very forthcoming in making your Christmas vacation memorable. Rooms and suites in this resort are well-equipped with all the modern facilities, designed for your comfortable stay. You can also enjoy some additional amenities in this amazing resort. We wish you and your entire family a very cheerful Christmas!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Kanha National Park is rich in Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna in Kanha
Located in the Balaghat and Mandla districts of the Indian state, Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is a national park and tiger reserve, home to numerous species of plants, animals, birds, and reptiles. The national park is spread over a vast area of about 940 square kilometres. Its tiger reserve is made up of a buffer zone that extends to 1,067 square kilometres, and the neighbouring 110-square kilometre Phen Sanctuary.

Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book' was largely inspired by the lush green forests, ravines, and grassy meadows of Kanha. This region is home to many wild animals like tigers, jackals, leopards, deer, wild dogs, foxes and wild cats. Among the commonly sighted animals are wild boars and langurs. Pythons, rat snakes, cobras, grass snakes, krait and vipers are some of the reptiles found in this national park. Bird-watchers visiting Kanha would be delighted to spot some exciting bird species, such as, Golden Oriole, Indian Roller, Verditer Flycatcher, and Bush Lark.

Jabalpur, one of the biggest cities of Madhya Pradesh, provides an easy access to Kanha. It is connected to some of the major cities of India by road, rail, and air. The resorts near Kanha National Park provide comfortable accommodations for tourists in the form of well-furnished rooms and suites.