Friday, 26 October 2012

Best time to visit kanha national park

kanha national park

kanha national park
The national parks in the state of Madhya Pradesh are the marvels and main attractions pulling tourists from around the globe. This state is very much popular for its dense forests and the variety of incredible flora and fauna nurtured in it. It is proud to have maximum number of tiger population in its national parks like Kanha national park.
The region surrounding these national parks is rich in grassy medows, bamboo and many other varieties of plants and shrubs. Kanha national park’s main achievement is the preservation of the rare species of swamp deer commonly called Barasingha. Park is open to public in a particular period from 15th of October till 30th of June. There are a few rules as well to follow while you are visiting this national park. According to the climate of this region best season to visit this region is during winters from October to March. Summers are severe, so most of the visitors visit in winters. The period between November and February is the best time to visit Kanha National Park, since during this period nature is at its best. Also it is supposed to be the best period for bird watching. Normally many migratory birds from distant places visit this park during winters. For a comfortable stay select one of the kanha National park resort and hotel near Park. 
But if you are going mostly for watching tigers then the period March to May is the best, as most of the green grass gets dried up which makes tiger sighting easier. Particularly March is supposed to be best month for watching wildlife of this park, since the temperatures during day time is comfortable. If you are interested in shooting the wild life in their natural form then months of April and May provide great opportunity for the photographers to take some rare photographs of the tigers. So planning your tour of Kanha national park will be enjoyable by considering the clues given above. For same interest near about tourist place is pench national park, best option for spending some good time, here we provide our services with Pench Resort as well as Travelhot is a service provider in the field of travels and tours which give suitable tour packages for the world renowned wildlife parks of Madhya Pradesh. There are lots of options to select from the list of affordable tour packages for Kanha, Pench national parks and Himachal holiday packages.