Monday, 10 December 2012

Top Destinations around Kanha National Park (Part One)

Kanha National Park has been very popular among Nature lovers. The park has seen many visitors who love the idea of a wildlife safari. The idea to sight Royal Bengal Tiger or leopards in their natural habitat is the most adventurous thing. Also there are some guidelines mentioned during this safari to ensure the safety of both, the tourist and the wild animals. People who visit Kanha National Park could also take a day off and venture out for sightseeing other attractions near the park.

Kanha Museum
Kanha Museum: Located in the National Park, Kanha Museum depicts the tribal culture of Madhya Pradesh. One could also witness the rough maps of the National Park, along with pugmarks of various animals of the park. A clear picture about the park and the people living inside the park could be understand from the museum.
Bamni Dadar
Bamni Dadar: An area located near the Park, Bamni Dadar is well known among the tourists as the sunset point. Your wildlife safari would be incomplete if you do not witness the amazing sunset from this location.
Mandla Fort
Mandla Fort: Built by the Gond rulers, along the banks of Narmada River during 17th Century. Though the major portion of the fort is in ruins because of no maintenance work, it offers the tourist a beautiful glimpse of the artifacts.

Phen Wildlife Sanctuary
Phen Wildlife Sanctuary: Built in the eighties decade, tourist could witness Tigers, Leopards, Wild Boars and deer in this region. This sanctuary is spread across only 111 sq. km.

Kawardha Palace
Kawardha Palace:  A great example of India’s rich heritage during the past. This palace is now converted in to a luxurious palace hotel. Tourist would be delighted as it signifies the rich traditions for which India is well known.