Thursday, 17 January 2013

Listen to the whistles of the Bamboo trees at Kanha National Park

Indian national parks
The most important thing for wildlife to grow is shelter which is normally provided by dense forests, grasslands, marshlands and areas with year round availability of water. For this reason Indian Government is declaring many forest regions as reserved forests or converting them into National Parks. Indian National Parks have become the most powerful tool to attract international tourists. Kanha National Park is one such reserved forest in the Mandla and Balghat districts of Madhya Pradesh which is home to around one thousand beautiful varieties of flowering plants. This lowland forest comprises of Sal and other trees. Patches of open grasslands are seen amidst dense jungles. The forests on the heights are deciduous type and the slopes are adorned with bamboo trees. This variety of vegetation at Kanha supports a distinct animal and bird life.
Kanha tiger reserve is escalated on vast expanse of open grasslands, including many varieties of grass. Other tree types observed in these dense forests are creepers, climbers, herbs and shrubs. Wetland and migratory birds in this region are able to thrive on the aquatic plants available in the lakes which are locally called “Tal”. Pride of Kanha the Bengal tiger is main attraction of this national park. Due to great variety of plants and grasslands many types of animals whose habitats match with the Kanha surroundings are found in large number. Due to abundance of prey in this region, apart from royal Bengal tiger many other predators seen here are leopards, fox and wild dogs. Probably this is the unique National Park having many varieties of deer like Barasingha or swamp deer, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer and four horned deer. In winters Indian Gaur is seen in the jungles of Kanha. During summers they take refuge in the holes of the Park. Sunset point or Bamni Dadar offers awesome views of the animals grazing against the backdrop of the dropping sun. There are lots of chances to come across Tigers wandering freely inside the boundaries of the Park.
Kanha National Park offers its own indigenous experiences like listening to the whistles originating from Bambo trees, or viewing the grass swaying beautifully on the rhythms of wind. Watching sunset at Kanha is another marvel of the jungles.