Friday, 18 January 2013

Kanha National Park: An Eco-tourist's Dream Destination

Eco-tourist's Destination
India has been successful to a great extent in promoting eco-tourism and has taken several measures to safeguard the environment. One of its best initiatives has been the development of wildlife reserves, where endangered species of flora and fauna can enjoy a peaceful existence. Visitors to Kanha National Park can experience this serene ecological environment as they step into its vast forest areas that abound with Bamboos, Sal trees, grasslands and rushing streams. This wildlife sanctuary is divided into various sections that contain moist deciduous forests, grassy meadows and deep valleys. These varying landscapes and numerous species of plants, trees, animals and birds, make the national park truly interesting to explore.

Most of the grassy meadows in this region have been formed due to shifting cultivation, which people belonging to Baiga tribes practised in the past. Abundance of grass serves as a means of nutrition for many herbivores. Several types of carnivorous animals are also found in this wildlife reserve either looking out for their prey or relaxing in the natural surroundings. Birdlife in this region is equally fascinating with over 300 species having their presence in its forests. Both resident and migratory birds can be spotted by birdwatchers, freely moving around in their undisturbed habitat.

Tour of this wildlife sanctuary is made possible with the help of vehicles, while keeping a safe distance from animals of the reserve. In recent times, tourists can book these wildlife safaris on the internet using online ticket booking system offered by Madhya Pradesh State Forest Department. Tour guides are also available for these safaris to assist tourists in knowing more about the national park and enjoying an excellent tour of this region. Booking well in advance would be of great benefit for visitors as they do not have to face the problem of non-availability of tickets.