Monday, 21 January 2013

Kanha national park in Madhya Pradesh a declared Eco sensitive zone

Kanha national park
Once again news about Kanha National Park has appeared in the top lines of local newspapers. The news is about shifting of a tigress from Kanha National Park to Panna National Park. Before a few days the mother of this six year old tigress died in a fight with one tiger. The other two cubs were kept in a special closed area at Mukti range to prevent being attacked by other wild animals. The tigress is released in the wild of Panna National Park.
Ministry of Environment and forests has given a strict warning to the states to send a specific proposal related to certain site for identifying eco sensitive zone before 15th of February. The state government of Madhya Pradesh in response has declared Kanha National Park as an Eco sensitive zone among other fifteen such zones spread around the wildlife sanctuaries and parks of the state. Eco sensitive zones are secured areas prohibiting commercial activities which prove to be harmful to the wildlife and the environment of the region. These new rules by the ministry specify that land in ten km periphery of park or sanctuary will be declared as eco-sensitive land. This rule will help Madhya Pradesh maintain its large number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries free of commercial encroachments. This step of the ministry is praised by many environmentalists and nature lovers. Kanha National Park is expanded by relocating around twenty seven villages in the region. After all these developments the present day National park at Kanha is spread on a huge area of around one thousand nine hundred fifty sq km. For the sake of convenience it is divided into six ranges with beautiful landscapes and a true asylum for tigers and other wild animals. The number of tigers is growing due to easy availability of prey and the natural habitat which is preferred by them. The central attraction of the park is the tiger show which includes viewing tiger at a close distance from elephant back. The exclusive elephant safari offers you a tour inside the interiors of the jungles where you can view the animals and birds while sitting on an elephant back.
Kanha National park conserves grassy meadows having many types of grass, dense forests with shrubs, herbs and climbers. Forests are of tropical moist mixed deciduous and dry deciduous mixed forests. The slopes are beautifully covered with Haldu, Dhaora and Bija trees. Keep your camera charged to pick some extraordinary snaps in the interior of the Park.