Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Venice Simplon Orient Express: A Travel Memoir from United-21

A Travel Memoir from United-21
On October 4th, 1883, a train embarked on its maiden journey from Paris to Istanbul; and a legend was born. Over the years, it has served royalty, aristocrats, writers, film stars and spies, who marvelled at its design and elegance. The train in question is the romantic Venice Simplon-Orient Express, which takes its passengers on an enchanting journey through Europe's alluring travel and tour destinations. They would be given undivided but discreet attention by their personal steward, which would make them feel as if they belong to royalty. Interiors of its compartments are no less in comparison to the most luxurious hotel suites and provide great views for guests.
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As they enter its Bar Car, the passengers are welcomed to a lively atmosphere and some amazing cocktails. It would be a truly intimate experience, complete with style and uniqueness; as witnessed by many celebrities who have been a part of its memorable journeys. The Restaurant Cars would surprise guests further; with perfect lighting, French silverware, fine linen and crystal glassware that set the mood for a delicious meal. French chefs on board prepare mouth-watering dishes from fresh supplies for guests. Highly trained Italian waiters serve brunch, lunch and dinner in the Restaurant Cars, while breakfast and afternoon tea are made available for passengers in their compartments.
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Each of the compartments in Venice Simplon-Orient Express has a washbasin cabinet of its own, with both hot and cold water. These compartments convert easily to a comfortable bedroom at night, with supplies of soft towel and linen. In recent times, this luxurious train visits Europe's most desired destinations like Vienna, Budapest, Krakow and Prague. In order to re-create the original journey, it has a special annual departure to Istanbul. This would be a journey to remember for those who want to live the experience that spans two centuries. An authentic period train with elegant interiors, world-class service and a journey that is beyond comparison would be worth the price paid for this fabulous trip. All the fantastic landscapes that passengers enjoy along this journey would be cherished by them for their entire lifetime.