Friday, 15 March 2013

ITB Report Highlights on Adventure and Sustainable Travel

Adventure and Sustainable Travel
ITB Berlin is releasing a yearly world travel trends report highlighting the happenings in the travel and tours industry. It describes every detail of the developments or downfalls in the travel Industry taking references from the records maintained by different institutions. World travel trends report 2012- 2013 was released recently by ITB Berlin, the organizer of worlds leading travel trade show. It was in association with IPK International who were the organizers of the 20th annual World Travel Monitor Forum held in Italy. The report covers major trends in outbound travel demand. Additionally it focuses on various other topics and market segments. The report contains updated figures for 2012 and forecasts for 2013.

The ITB report along with many other topics has included highlights on Adventure andSustainable Travel. As per the remarks of the experts adventure tourism is growing at a faster pace because travellers are in search of new experiences. The adventure travel market is booming at a good speed. It is circled around some of the adrenaline raising activities and is a blend of different types of travel activities. They are hard and soft adventures. Hard type involves physical activities along with specialized training. Great chances of growth are seen in soft adventure type which is the blending of physical adventures with activities like agricultural tourism, culinary delights, wildlife and archaeological viewing. In such type of tourism stays are taken in family owned accommodations. A trend of coming out of their shelters for self discovery and transforming experiences is becoming more popular among travelers. Their views are changing at a faster speed and they are more interested in facing reality rather than fantasy.  Unlike in the past the range of age groups is shifting from 35-47 in the past to a broader one. Adventure tourism which previously was limited to middle income persons is spreading at a better pace in other income groups also.

World tourism which is moving towards a more sustainable business type is facing obstacles and challenges. A poor demand for sustainable holidays from the visitors was observed during the span of a year. Keeping into mind the future challenges of climate change, increasing population and scarce resources Green growth is a new vision to be targeted by 2050. By this time we will have to try stabilizing the rising global warming. Educating the masses is the only way out to attain these goals.