Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Weekend Breaks near Tropical Evergreen Forests

Tropical Evergreen Forests
Nature lovers always like to spend their weekends in green surroundings that offer them a serene environment, far away from the hustle-bustle of urban areas. While considering the best locations for a weekend holiday, many of them often forget certain regions that are located close to tropical evergreen forests. There are many regions in this world that are classified as evergreen forests and some of them have wildlife reserves in their surroundings. Best example of such reserves is Kanha National Park located in Madhya Pradesh, a state in central India. Tourists can find many tigers in Kanha while on their weekend tour to this wildlife sanctuary. Many other species of flora and fauna can also be found near the evergreen forests of this area.
Evergreen trees that maintain their greenery all year round are the main feature of these tropical forests. Such places receive plenty of rainfall and are a safe habitat for many varieties of plants, animals and birds. Many trees like bamboos grow taller, competing for light in these areas. Wild animals can also be found moving around freely in wildlife sanctuaries created in such places, like Kanha National Park of India. Several tigers in Kanha are spotted easily by tourists who embark on a wildlife safari, adding fun and excitement to their weekend holiday. Animals in these wildlife reserves are also quite used to the presence of humans, making it easier for people to take some fabulous pictures of them.
Forest and wildlife conservation has acquired prime importance in recent times owing to the decline of many species of animals, plants, trees and birds. This is the reason why animals like tigers in Kanha and many other wildlife reserves have been provided protection by placing them in ideal habitats around tropical evergreen forests. Revenue that comes in from tourism in these areas helps the authorities to maintain these regions in an efficient manner. Many individuals and wildlife enthusiasts visit such areas more often to experience an entirely different environment. They also enjoy a sense of relaxation after touring the calm forest regions that full of beautiful evergreen trees.