Thursday, 16 May 2013

Romancing the Beauty of Kanha in Monsoons

beauty ofKanha in monsoons
Early part of monsoons in Kanha is always special, and it is something that tourists would enjoy if they plan to visit this wildlife reserve in the month of June. They can experience one of the most memorable moments of their lifetime, watching light showers drip down on the parched earth. Marvellous Beauty of Kanha in Monsoons is enhanced by the amount of rain   that it receives during the months of June to October. Dark clouds changing the feel of earth and the shades of sky above would make for a wonderful sight. People who visit the region around this time of the year can get an opportunity to witness this amazing phenomenon.
Animals of this wildlife sanctuary also seem to enjoy a change in climate, especially the ones who are desperately waiting for rains after having gone through a treacherous summer. Kanha National Park is situated in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, and has diverse species of plants, trees, animals and birds. Tourists who wish to explore the beauty of Kanha in monsoons can easily come across Swamp Deer, Blackbucks and Indian Bison. But, they would have to visit this region before 30th of June, as the national park remains closed from July to September. Best season to visit Kanha is during the months of October to June, as most of the animals of the park can be sighted around this time.
Though, park authorities reserve the right to close the wildlife reserve when rains begin, tourists staying in a resort near Kanha National Park would still get to enjoy the blissful environment that prevails during early monsoons. Witnessing the green natural beauty of Kanha in monsoons would be a truly pleasant experience for them; as they have a peek outside the window of their resort suite, enjoying a cup of refreshing hot tea or coffee. Even if they do not like to go out and get wet in the rain, enjoying the sights from their place of stay would be equally awesome. After all, no one likes to miss out on the chance of witnessing the early monsoon showers.