Saturday, 9 November 2013

Top Five Winter Snowfall Holiday Destinations Around Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state of India and is also a major tourist center. Himachal Pradesh is famous for adventure, summer, winter and Eco tourism. Today we are glad to talk about Winter Snowfall holiday destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Hopefully you will like to wander with us in this place of Beauty, Peace and Relaxation.      

Kurfi Winter Holiday Destination
Kurtis Hill Station
Kurtis is a small and sweet hill station famous for Skiing, tobogganing and adventure sports, as well as it is one of the oldest skiing slope in Himachal Pradesh. Kurtis is just 20 Km faraway from capital city (Shimla) of  Himachal. Pleasant environment, Mountains covered by Snow and panoramic view of nature create a great feeling in the minds of people during their visit. In the month of February, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Department organize winter sport festival which is the major attraction of tourist.

Narkanda Winter Holiday Destination
Narkand Hill station

Narkand is a small hill station surrounded by Sivalik mountain range. It is located between the river valleys of  Sutlaj and Giri (Narkanda is connected by Hindustan – Tibet road NH-22). Narkanda is famous for rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, rafting, mountain biking and Skiing activities in winter season. It is one of the famous tourist destination for winter snowfall holidays. During winter season tourist can enjoy panoramic view of nature, mountain covered by snow and pleasant weather. Narkanda is just 65 km faraway from capital city (Shimla) of Himachal Pradesh. 

Dharamsala Winter Holiday Destination
Dharamsala is famous for oak and conifer trees, the magnificent view of mountain capped by snow. During the month of December and January travelers can experience the fresh snowfall. Tourist can even visit the Dalai lama residence during their visit. Dharamsala is well connected by Air, rail and road. For enjoying winter snowfall holidays Dharamsala is the best and affordable option for travelers.

Manali Winter Holiday Destination

Manali is surrounded by Beas river valley and is situated at a height of 2050 mt (6726 ft) above sea level. Manali is also known by the home of Shaptarishi (The Seven Saga). Manali is gifted by variety of flora and fauna. Manali is famous for the adventure tours, Para-gliding, Trekking  and skiing mainly Yak skiing. Winter Carnival is the most famous festival in Manali. During this festival tourist can experience the skiing competition and other cultural activities like Folk dance, adventure sports etc.

Kalpa Winter Holiday Destination
kalpa is situated in Kinnaur District and on 10900 ft above sea level. It is 265 km faraway from the capital city (Shimla) of the Himachal Pradesh. Kalpa is surrounded by Kailash Mountain range. You could view the mystic scene of early morning Sunrise touching the snow peaks here. It is also the major attraction of tourist. Beautiful landscape, lofty snow peaks, lush green valley, mountain lakes, temples, trekking, skiing, para-gliding, golf these are the other attractions of Kalpa.