Friday, 28 March 2014

Arrival of Vasant Ritu a Real Time to Enjoy

Vasant Ritu
Vasant Ritu
India is such a vast country and its climate varies from state to state along with the seasons but one common thing observed is the four season’s summer, rainy, winter and spring season. Among the four seasons spring is the most talked and focused season of the year. It is admired to such an extent that many writers and poets are inspired to describe it in the form of an essay or a poem. Let us share some of the incredible features of this iconic season.
Overall Vasant ritu is the time filled with joy, happiness, celebrations and merry-making. This is the time when crops are ready for harvesting and it is also the flowering season, making the countryside colorful with the brilliantly colored flowers. It is the season filled with festivals like Holi and Rangpanchami inviting cheering crowds for a massive celebration forgetting all the odds and evens happened in the past. Another colorful occasion celebrated during this season is the kite festival when the skies are getting transformed into a huge collage of colored kites. Yellow color enjoys prime importance in this season and people especially in the north wear yellow clothes and try to use yellow colored things during this season. One of the popular festivals in this season is Vasant Panchami, which is observed during the start of the season. Goddess Saraswati the goddess of knowledge and music is worshipped during this festival in many parts of India. Among the six ritu’s of the Hindu calendar Vasant ritu enjoys a prominent place and it can best be described in one of the poetic forms like
"Say goodbye to the departing winter and welcome this season of joy and splendor"
Vasant ritu is arriving with a note of whisper this is the time for all to prosper
The air is filled with scent of blossoms and skies are full of flying awesome
If you want to enjoy thrill of Vasant, change yourselves to a countryside peasant
Come out of your cities and towns, to listen to the humming of blues and browns
Travel to the jungles of Kanha and Pench to experience the magic and fulfill your quench