Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mythological stories and historical background of Kanha

historical background of Kanha

History of Kanha
Kanha national park providing refuge to a variety of animals and birds in and around its peripheries has many mythological legends associated with it. One of the legends describes a place called “Shravan Tal” named after Shravan the only son of blind parents. Shravan Tal a small pond located in the central Kanha meadows in Madhya Pradesh. This is a beautiful place located at the backdrop of dense jungles and close to Dasharatha Machan, which is a hillock on which king Dasharatha used to hide while hunting.
Dasharatha the father of Lord Rama was a great hunter and used to visit the jungles for the purpose of hunting. The legend says that once when king Dasharatha was waiting for some animals to come to the pond for drinking water, he heard the sound of water near pond. He thought that the sound indicated that some animal is drinking water from the pond. The king who was and expert hunter released an arrow in the darkness towards the direction of sound. But unfortunately it was not an animal but it was Shravan bal the son of blind parents who had arrived at the pond for drinking water. Hearing the screaming of a human being the king went near the pond and asked the boy who he was. Shravan bal told him the story that he had come to the pond to take water for his old blind parents who were sitting near the park. Upon hearing this Dasharatha became very sad and nervous and apologized for whatever happened unknowingly. But Shravan who loved his parents cursed the king that he will also lament on the death of his son and suffer in the same way in which Shravans parents lamented.
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