Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Abundant Wildlife Of Kanha National Park

Wildlife Of Kanha National Park
Established in 1955, Kanha National Park is one of the biggest wildlife reserves in the Indian state, Madhya Pradesh. It is spread over a vast area of more than 940 square kilometres and falls in the Balaghat and Mandla districts. Visits to the lush green forests, ravines and grassy meadows are a part of Kanha tourism in recent times. Numerous species of wild animals, birds, plants and trees can be found in this wildlife reserve. Open grasslands also form a part of Kanha, and are essential for the survival of Swamp Deer. Many of the wetland and migratory bird species feed on aquatic plants that grow in lakes of this wildlife sanctuary.

Animals commonly found in Kanha are Four-Horned Deer, Sambar, Spotted Deer and Mouse Deer. Tigers, Jackals and Wild Dogs can also be spotted during the wildlife tours. Hyena, Civets, Fox and Porcupine are some of the nocturnal animal species that can be spotted outside the confines of Kanha. Vipers, Pythons, Grass Snakes, and Cobras are the reptiles that can be seen moving around in their natural habitat. Aquatic beings and amphibians can be spotted in the water bodies or their surrounding areas. The Kanha safari booking is provided by many websites, which helps tourists in ensuring that they get to enjoy the wildlife tours even during peak seasons.

Neighbouring cities are well-connected to Kanha National Park by road and rail, which offers great convenience to the tourists in getting to the wildlife reserve. Those travelling by air can get to Kanha from Jabalpur Airport which is located at a distance of about 175 kilometres from the national park. Booking any of the resorts near Kanha National Park would be of great convenience for tourists in visiting the wildlife sanctuary. The ideal time to visit this place would be from mid-October till the end of June.