Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Afforestation activities near Kanha National Park

Afforestation activities
Deforestation is a serious problem faced by many of the Asian countries, including India. We could have faced a grim situation if our jungles were not protected, at least to some extent, in the form of National Parks. It is a commendable attempt made by our administration to protect strategic patches of forest land as protected areas. Even more praiseworthy are the efforts taken by some non-profit organizations to educate villagers about the importance of forestation in rural areas, and how it is going to help the coming generations.
If the forests are secured, then wildlife in them would definitely survive and thrive. This would go a long way in maintaining an ecological balancece and avoiding grave natural disasters in the future. One of the popular telecom service providers has recently began a project that counters the increasing carbon stock by revitalising forests in the region. This brilliant project would be implemented with the help of people from nearby villages, who will be protecting a one-kilometre long stretch between Kanha and Pench national parks.
Locals have also agreed to protect forests and plant new trees, which would lead to an increase in the number of trees near Kanha tiger reserve in the near future. Efforts are also being taken to implement such projects in other such regions across India.