Monday, 24 November 2014

Kanha National Park Step into the Safest Haven for Wildlife

Wildlife in kanha
 This important operation held with great success for meeting the twin objective of wild animal damage prevention to the crops and at the same time to release wildlife habitat from human occupation and disturbance in this prime conservation area. Significantly, the operation has been smooth and with absolute involvement of the suffering people who were provided adequate and viable alternatives in the form of agricultural land and new organized housing at sites of their choice outside the park. This has turned out to be a major management success of the entire Kanha National Park authority.
Reaching this national park is extremely easy because it’s connected with most cities through road, train & air. Additionally, there are many hotels in Kanha, so accommodation is also never an issue for visitors. Your only objective should be planning in advance to make the trip a fun-filled experience.
Also referred as N’Gorongoro of India, Kanha is one of the safest havens for wild animals. Animal and bird lovers regularly visit this animal park to experience the visually appealing beauty of the nature. The large grassy clearings in this park are a consequence of old as well as abandoned cultivation. A large part of this area has recently come up as a result of a gigantic village relocation operation that took place under Project Tiger.