Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Kanha A Mesmerising National Park in Madhya Pradesh

Kanha National Park
A national park that inspired the world-famous work of Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book, Kanha attracts large number of tourists every year and also houses one of India's tiger reserves. Tourists visiting this part of Madhya Pradesh can witness vast expanses of natural beauty and numerous species of wild animals. Popular resorts in Kanha offer tastefully designed rooms and suites that are well-equipped with latest facilities. Accommodation in such resorts not only provides tourists with comfortable stays, but also offers them great convenience in visiting Kanha and other famous attractions nearby. 
This national park has a significant number of leopards, Bengal tigers, Indian wild dogs, sloth bears, and deer. Besides wild animals, it is also home to numerous varieties of plants and trees. Different species of grass at some places add to the natural beauty of Kanha, and are essential to the survival of herbivorous animals. Aquatic plants growing in several water bodies of the national park are essential for the survival of resident and migratory birds.
Wildlife tours enable travellers to watch their favourite wild animals of Kanha in action. Air travellers can get to Kanha from Jabalpur Airport. Excellent connectivity by road and rail is also helpful for tourists in getting to Kanha from the neighbouring cities.