Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Enjoy wildlife tours with an accommodation in Kanha

accommodation in Kanha
Wildlife reserves created in different parts of India for conserving the endangered species of wild animals have provided great opportunities for eco-tourism. The authorities of these reserves also involve local communities in the wildlife-related projects. Among them is Kanha National Park, which is spread across Mandla and Balaghat districts of the Indian state, Madhya Pradesh. An accommodation in Kanha region would be of great convenience for wildlife enthusiasts as well as leisure tourists in exploring the numerous species of wild animals, trees, plants, birds, and reptiles of the national park.
Air travellers can get to Kanha National Park from Jabalpur Airport by hiring a taxi. Staff of the resorts, where they have booked their accommodation, would give directions on how to reach Kanha from the airport. For those who prefer trains, Jabalpur Junction would be the nearest railway station from where, they can reach this wildlife reserve. It is also connected to all the neighbouring towns and cities by an excellent network of roads. Having an accommodation in a room or suite of any of the resorts located close to the national park would also give them the chance to visit some other interesting places near Kanha.
Best way to explore the wildlife of Kanha National Park is by embarking on a wildlife safari. Such tours are conducted on Jeeps with the help of experienced nature guides. Some of the jungle resorts Kanha has in its surrounding areas make it easier for tourists to go on wildlife safaris. While touring the national park, they would come across the wild animals like spotted deer, leopards, wild boars, and langurs. Bird-watchers would be delighted to find a large variety of birds flying around in the woods. The amazing reptiles like rat snakes, cobras, vipers, pythons and grass snakes can also be spotted occasionally in this wildlife reserve.